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Episode 4: how to keep an universe in captivity

"It is better not to get too close to the painting! Sit down here, I will prepare a tea!" Outside the storm was causing havoc, so strong that it seemed the windows swayed to the inside. Sure Teo would have risked life and limb if he had crossed the sea under these conditions. But nevertheless he had a strange feeling and his grandfather's voice inside his head was saying, pay attention, the little island is full of dangerous things, come back immediately! Teo looked at the giant painting from a secure distance. The painting showed the profile to the left of an Egyptian god or something like that , in the meanwhile from the kitchen were arriving sounds of boiling water and tinkling dishes. Suddenly a bang from the other side of the corridor which does not come from the kitchen was capturing his attention. Teo was scared. What was it? Mrs. Krawutschnek hasn't been frightened. She continued washing the dishes. Instinctively Teo was approaching to the corridor to check what was going on. He was full of fear but also curious. As it was creepy dark , he went back to the living room. Teo focused once again the painting. But something strange happened. The Egyptian God now had the profile to the right side. Teo ran to the kitchen, The water was running but Mrs. Krawutschnek disappeared. ... ..

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