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Episode 3: The robotic arm

The steam, Teo had to cross, smelt like orange juice. He was not able to see anything!

"DISINFECTED OBJECT! " - Teo heard a creaking, robotic voice! What a creepy thing out here! - and once again the metallic voice: "HUMAN BEING, CURLY HAIR, STRIPED PULLOVER ON A BOAT NAMED HILDA!!!" - "ZZKRRGGGAAATTTSCHKK". Teo scrunched himself up, he was so afraid! A bright light illuminate the little island as if it was morning, but the sun began to descend, in fact Teo had to hurry up. "Pay attention to the witch, my son!" His grandfather even gave him a lucky charm for the journey. Teo left the crates of chicory and fish in front of the door of Mrs. Krawutschnek's house and wanted to leave immediately. But a robotic arm, coming out of the earth, grabbed Teo's pullover and hindered him to leave the island. "Where do you want to go!" once again the metallic voice echoed across the island. Poor Teo now was hovering above Mrs. Krawutschnek's garden, with the giant robotic hand holding him. In fact Teo would have left without a penny but his fear was stronger then the wish to have the money paid for the delivery.

"AAAAAAAAAAAH you are new to me!!!" Teo listened to a new, but funny voice.

"Put him down, Kasimir! It's an order!" said the lady's voice, and Teo felt off roughly. Kasimir -, the robotic arm in the meanwhile disappeared in the ground.

"Welcome to the little island! But how does it come, that you arrived with the boat Hilda, ..!?" "Yes, my father is actually delivering the order, he's feeling ill, therefore he couldn't deliver the order this time."

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" Mrs. Krawutschnek clapped in her hands. "Hoping that he'll get better soon! I can see dark clouds over there, it's going to rain strongly, better, to go inside, don't you think so?" - "No I have to leave immediately, I'm in a hurry!" Mrs Krawutschnek shook her head. "No, No, a violent thunderstorm is coming up, so better you take not over with Hilda to the other island, it's dangerous!" ----and once again grandfather's voice in his head: "Take care, Teo, she's a witch!!!" And now????

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