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Episode 2: The secret of the little island

In the previous post I told you, that I was going to reveal what would be the secret of Mrs. Krawutschnek's bicycle and if she is doing 100 rounds a day on her little island of 50 meters in diameter. But before giving more details here, I would like to focus instead on Teo, a boy living with his family of fishermen on the big island not far away from the little island. Teo is in a real dilemma! His father actually transports 5 crates of special chicory (flourishes only in the garden of Teo's Mum) and 5 crates of special fish once a week to the little island. Mrs. Krawutschnek wants only their chicory and fish and she paying for it generously. Teo's grandfather instead doesn't like Mrs. Krawutschnek and he's telling Teo often very scary stories about the little island. Therefore Teo's Mother and his grandfather are fighting every saint day. One day, Teo's father felt ill and he couldn't transport the chicory and fish to the little island. Neither his mother could do so, as she was ill too and Teo's grandfather was too old but beside that he would never do even one step on the little island. So the only one in this case who could deliver the goods was Teo. Although Teo was afraid, he decided to deliver the order as requested by Mrs. Krawutschnek. He took "Hilda", the boat of his father and he left the big island. Arriving on the little island, a strange steam wraps Teo . Ok you would like to know, why Mrs. Krawutschnek is eating 5 crates of chicory and 5 crates of fish every week, why this steam and of course you want to know something about the bicycle. ...

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