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Do you believe in miracles?

Henry Poppins actually is a good person. He has only one problem! He's afraid. He's ALWAYS afraid. Afraid of everything. Afraid of a walking washing machine. Afraid of the windows not closed after leaving home afraid of rocks coming down from the universe. Afraid of earthquakes and airplanes. Even the look in the mirror sometimes scares him. But god knows, that the real problem was, Henry Poppins was even afraid of miracles! What??? How can one be afraid of miracles?! One day Mr. Poppins met a saint along his way to work. So really nothing special. "This is going to be a line! I'm pretty sure!" The saint next to him was analyzing a giant pen next to him, moving on a giant paper. Henry Poppins was thinking, Ah ok it is only a saint looking at a giant pen next to him and wondering what would be the next step to do. Therefore noting special. And he passes by, risking to collide with a traffic light. But at the end he did not collide with a traffic light, He collided with a rock coming down from the universe. I assure you, it is better, you believe in miracles!!!

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